Berlindesign  - the new hot Fashionlabel!


How do Reamading Fashion Style  and Berlin go together?

Well, Reamading, a village in the county of lower bavaria in the vincinity of Geisbach, is the birthplace of fashion designer Kreszenzia Kottmayr.

How she came to fashion and design is still a mistery to her.

The Kottmayrs came from Dürrling. Great grandfather Korbinian Kottmayr even was mayor.

Kreszenzia went to Geisbach for her apprenticeship in tayloring to Vinzenz Stierhammer, the grandnephew of the wellknown judge Amtsgerichtsrats August Stierhammer.
That's where she learned about her incredible creativity.
"In the taylor business you don't make mistakes, there are just happy accidents"

Casual - Streetfashion - Mix


To mix different fashion styles is out of question for Kreszentia.

"Casual stays Casual and Streetfashion stays Streetfashion."

But, of course, a wardrobe offers space for differents fashion styles.

And that's what Berlindesign creates.